Sale of rail vehicles:

We will supply you with new, used, modernized or refurbished vehicles, or with vehicles awaiting repairs, all in accordance with your specific requirements.


Lease of rail vehicles:

The main goal of the company is to offer our customers the lease of vehicles. Currently, our company has its own fleet numbering several hundred wagons of various series (Eas, Eaos, Res, Regmms, Shimms, Tads, Tams, Uagpps). We have gained a lot of valuable experience in the lease of rail vehicles and can offer the lease of various types of rail freight vehicles. Lease may be combined with forwarding or European carrier activities.


Service and Repairs:

The company provides service and repairs of railway technology (locomotives, wagons) at various levels – minor repairs, general overhauls and complete modernization and reconditioning. The work is carried out at our repair centres in the Slovak Republic as well as at a repair hall in Střelice near Brno. Our repair hall in Střelice is being constantly modernized, enabling us to extend the current offer of services in the repair of rail vehicles.


Loko Trans s.r.o. repairs and offers for sale:

  • Rail freight vehicles of all series for the transportation of all materials
  • Diesel locomotives
  • Electric locomotives with AC or DC traction
  • Container flat wagons
  • Flat wagons


Rail transport and forwarding:

In accordance with the “EC Commission Regulation”, LOKO TRANS holds the “Carrier’s Certificate” issued by the Rail Authority in Prague and the “Security Certificate” issued by the Railway Regulatory Authority in Bratislava.


In this sector we offer the following services and activities:

  1. International and domestic rail transport
  2. Transport of oversized loads and special consignments
  3. Solutions for complete transportation projects, including transport permits
  4. Forwarding services for rail, road, air, sea and river transport
  5. Optimizing the storage of cargo on vehicles
  6. Reloading of goods from broad gauge wagons
  7. Container goods transport
  8. Lease of rail wagons and locomotives