Four-axle high-sided wagon intended for transport of loose material and piece goods that do not require protection from climatic influences during transport. Wagon loading is provided using hoppers or excavator, unloading is provided using excavator or circular wagon tipper.

Basic technical info

Bogie  Y25Cs
Wheel set 4x / Ø 920 mm max.
Buffers 105A / 590 kN
Axle load (t) 20
Overall weight (kg) 23000
Lenght over buffers (mm) 14040
Distance between pivots (mm) 9000
Brake system KE-GP/DK-GP
Max speed loaded / empty 100/120
  A – 41,0
  B1 – 47,0
  B2 – 49,0
  C – 57,0